Gulf Gate Church - Sarasota, FL

Gulf Gate Church  - Sarasota, FL

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Current Service


What are the core beliefs of those who live in Christ and posses His indwelling Spirit? What about the practices that nurture growth in Christ and the disciplines of His Spirit? What are the Christ-like characteristics that flow from our union with him and transform the world with salt, light and the fruits of the Spirit?

The entire Christian life can be summed up in the phrase "in Christ". In this new three-part series we will unpack this profound truth in such a way that inspires our church to experience the comprehensive life changing power of living in Christ. Many fail to live in Christ because they see grace as a "ticket to heaven" instead of a power to live in the here and now.

Join us on this journey of becoming more fully devoted followers of Christ who live "in Him" as we develop a compelling new vision that better defines Gulf Gate as a disciple-making church.


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Gulf Gate Church, Sarasota, FL
Welcome to Gulf Gate Church  - Sarasota, FL

What you'll find here:

  • a casual, relaxed vibe
  • people much like yourself looking to grow in their faith in Jesus
  • culturally-relevant, Bible-based teaching
  • passionate worship music, often in a variety of genres:
    rock, pop, alternative, indie, Americana acoustic, and more
  • highly impactful and engaging video
  • a high-octane children's ministry we call KidZone
  • an amazing and engaging high school and middle school program
  • variety of Life Groups, Men's and Women's Study Groups
    intended to go deeper with our relationship with God and others
  • and of course, you'll find that you matter a great deal to God - and to us

So whether you're single, married, single again, with or without kids - no matter where you've been or what you've been through - we hope that you might make Gulf Gate your church home.

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Gulf Gate Church - Sarasota, FL